Self-Care Design For Caregivers

Helping caregivers discover a holistic approach to nurturing the mind, body, and soul.

Our Approach

We inspire, encourage, and provide resources to caregivers to assist them in their daily lives. We teach them how to nurture their soul by prioritizing themselves using simple tools.

Our Mission

Self-Care 4 Caregivers International exists to provide a balance of spiritual, social, and emotional support to individuals who are caregivers. We have created a holistic approach to self-care and our workshops are known to be an experience. This will posture our caregivers to be empowered and purposeful with their self-care.

Our Vision

Self-Care 4 Caregivers International will be known as a leader in respite care among Caregivers. We have an individual approach to caring, and our programs and services allow for self-improvement and personal growth.

Our Services

All Your Caregiver Needs at One Place


Your specific needs…


Your situation from a different perspective…


The resources needed.


To support with taking care of yourselves while caring for your loved one.

How We Support

Our workshops provide a place of rest and relaxation so caregivers can operate to their best ability when taking care of their family members.

We also offer education, resources, 15-minute massages, mini facials, and aroma therapy. We have licensee mental health therapists to offer any type of support they may need

Why Choose Us

Get to Know The Founder

Our Founder

Judy A Hewitt advocate for caregiver’s has a career span of over thirty years in the health care industry and has witness firsthand the mental and physical demands that professional caregivers often face.

However, it was not until Judy became a caregiver for a family member that she truly understood some of the challenges that personal caregiver’s face in their daily lives. Recognizing that the support, resources, and time to recharge was such an essential part of living a purposeful life. These life experiences collectively inspired Self-care 4 Caregivers International.


What Our Clients Say

"The workshop they offered was very complete and it covered aspects that art truly necessary for the social, physical, and emotional support for caregivers. It was an oasis of motivation and inspiration"
Jenny and Judy
The kind of care she provides is outstanding and professional, thank you!
Jamie Carter
Everyone should utilize her services, what are you waiting for call her today!
Robert Owens
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